rsn original features Marc Ash, Reader Supported News | I Blame the Police

Ash writes: "I want to be very clear: what happened in Dallas this week was not merely a despicable act, or an attack on democracy as some have categorized it. It was a direct consequence of an unprecedented campaign of lethal force applied by law enforcement agencies across the country."

rsn original features William Boardman, Reader Supported News | The President Is Wrong About Dallas, Wrong About Race

Boardman writes: In contrast to the political and media world, the Dallas marchers represent millions of people whose voices are not heard, have not been heard almost forever, but need to be heard and heeded now. The President could have chosen that path. Instead he went the well-travelled way of ritual division and either/or thinking.

rsn original features Robert Mackey, The Intercept | Images of Militarized Police in Baton Rouge Draw Global Attention

A demonstrator protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge. (photo: Jonathan Bachman/Reuters) By Robert Mackey, The Intercept 12 July 16   hotographs and video...

rsn original features 14th Dali Lama | godot, soapbox!

The Godot Section is now called the rsn soapbox! The soapbox features powerful new blogging software with much better social media integration, All of your legacy Godot articles are still online and can be located with a simple site search. TIP: when...

rsn original features 14th Dali Lama | soapbox!

This is the rsn soapbox! Here you can create blog posts that our entire readership will have a cess to, with powerful new social media tools that give your work a direct portal to Facebook, Twitter and much more.{jcomments...

rsn original features Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News | In Bernie We Trust

Galindez writes: "In February of 2015, when Bernie Sanders was traveling around Iowa in a Dodge muscle car trying to decide if he should run for president, I asked him what he needed to see to decide to run. His answer was not selfish: it wasn't about his political future, it was about the future of the progressive movement."

rsn original features Sabrina Rubin Erdely, Rolling Stone | A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA

Erdely writes: "Jackie was just starting her freshman year at the University of Virginia when she was brutally assaulted by seven men at a frat party. When she tried to hold them accountable, a whole new kind of abuse began."